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Declutter Your Life in 5 Ways in 2021

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Start 2021 with decluttering in five major areas so that you attract abundance and new opportunities. Whenever our life is cluttered with either things or habits that add no value in our life, it drains our energy and keeps us stuck. When we start removing the things and activities which no longer serve any purpose, we make way for opportunities and abundance to enter in our lives. It not only keeps our mind clear but makes our lives easier to manage. Here are 5 areas where you can start decluttering your life straight away:

1. Things

Since the time I have become independent & have started living on my own, I have realised the importance of owning less things. This is because the more things you own, the more you have to maintain it. After having a baby, the amount of stuff in my life has exponentially increased & at the end of the day, I have no energy to maintain those things or house in order. This is the reason this year I have decided to consciously own only those things that actually add any value in my life. In a day, we sleep for 8 hours, do household chores for around 6 hours, then managing family & work takes another couple of hours. I don't want to spend whatever time is left in just managing & cleaning the things I own. I want to spend the time qualitatively by either playing with my kid or doing things that bring out my creativity or add joy in my life. So decide, how do you wanna spend your entire day? Does maintaining & cleaning too many things count in your ideal day? If no, then start removing things that are not adding any value. Always remember, you actually use only 20% of things you actually own. Rest lies useless & at times you even forget what you have. So do you really wanna invest your time & energy in things you not only don't use but also don't remember about? Also, these include not just physical things but electronic data as well.

2. Activities or Habits

The same funda applies for activities or habits as well. List out your daily activities. Which of these activities, you actually enjoy doing? Do more of that often. Which of the activities drain your energy, don't add any benefit & you resent doing them? Can these activities be completely removed from your daily to do list? If no, then can they be delegated to someone else? Can you hire someone to do this job? Can you substitute this activity with an alternative? For example, buying groceries is an important task but maybe you don't like going to the store every once in a while. So can you substitute this activity by ordering online? Or plan your pantry such that you only have to go out once a month for it. Similarly, try to remove mindless gossip, movie/series binging. Replace these activities with meaningful & joyful activities. If watching a movie or series gives you Joy then do it but set a limit to it. Do you have the habit of excessive social media usage? Cut it down, if it doesn't add any constructive benefit in your life. (90% of the times it doesn't)

3. People

Broadly you will encounter people who either add value in your life, bring Love, Joy, Warmth, Fun, Care in your life or there will be people who drain your energy, put you down, demotivate you. In this decluttering process, only retain the former & do away with the latter. Of course, you can't just simply remove people away from your life. They are not things. Thus, the first step is to talk it out to the latter group & share with them how being around them drains your energy. Try to work out things. But if nothing works & you cannot leave them, then keep your interaction with them to bare minimum. And spend more quality time with people who add love & joy in your lives and do the same for them as well!

4. Words

Be conscious of what you speak & how much you speak. If your words don't help anyone to grow or don't help someone feel loved, cared or add fun in their lives, then it is better to remain silent. Of course this doesn't mean to not share disappointments or disagreements. These have to be done but in a respectful manner. This is tough as emotions run high during difficult conversations. Even I am learning to balance this tight rope but it's worth practicing.

5. Thoughts & Beliefs

This is the toughest one. Our thoughts and beliefs shape our circumstances & we attract what we think about consistently. If you have limiting beliefs in your subconscious, you will keep attracting more of it which will prevent your growth. For example, for the longest time, I had this limiting belief, that you have to be perfect in order to be loved. This belief made me strive to become perfect in every area of my life but despite developing talents in many areas, I didn't feel joyful or loved. That's when I decided to get to the root of my beliefs and transform them. A Mindset Coach can help you transform your beliefs in a structured way. Click here to know more. The beliefs that don't serve you, limit you. And living a limited life can never help you be truly joyful. Thus, replace low vibrational thoughts with high energy, empowering ones. Have those beliefs that make you look forward and fill you with hope, joy & fun.

These are the 5 areas in 2021, where I am going to work improving & decluttering upon. What are your areas for decluttering? Comment below and share your wisdom!



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