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How to Create your Reality even when Nothing Goes Your Way

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Tough times

Recently, a series of events have prevented me from achieving anything remotely close to what I have dreamt of. This got me into researching why sometimes we are not able to achieve our goals despite seemingly doing everything right? How can we manifest our dreams into reality when nothing goes our way? I came across a very useful channel by Quazi Johar who talks about this in 3 powerful steps. You can watch his video here. Following are my takeaways from his video:

1. Realty takes the Path of least resistance

When you observe Nature, it follows the the law of Least Resistance that means, it takes the path which is the most simple & effortless to its way to achieve its goal . So if in the process of goal achievement, you face certain challenges, assume that nature or universe is rebalancing itself for you to find the path of least resistance that will take you closer to your goal. It can be seen as a kind of test by the Universe. You need to become the person who can handle your set intention that's why you need to go through the perceived tough times. There is another law called the Ockham Razer Law which substantiates this by stating that, "The simplest solution to a problem is usually the best solution to the problem". Thus, when nothing goes your way, make the assumption that somehow everything even bad is serving you. Ignore the occurrence of the tough situation, consider it as an anomaly & find the benefit in the tough situation.

2. Image vs reflection

The second takeway was about who you are and what reflection you see in the outside world. So our inner world shapes the outer world. What we see on the outside is an inner reflection of our inside thought patterns & mindset. Thus, whenever things don't go our way, we start assuming that we are the reflection but in reality that is not true. It is an anomaly that has occured & you need to learn from it and keep going. You need to Stay firm in your assumption. For eg: Your goal is to become a Confident person with high self worth. But unfortunately in a public speaking event you forgot your speech. Now this outer world reality is just the reflection of you. It is NOT you. But your negative self talk will now start believing that "I am not confident in public speaking", " I tend to forget during public speaking". This reflection starts affecting your assumption & in turn this becomes your actual reality. The key to break this is to stay firm in your assumption. Operate from fundamental assumption that governs be, do & have. For eg star athletes' image is never affected by the reflection they see. They "be" like the number 1 athelete's mindset, they "do" by taking action steps that will keep them at the top of their game, & this results in them "having" the star athletes' status. They don't take setbacks personally.

3. Make a decision and have focus plus patience

Finally, make decision to achieve your dream goal and be focussed on it. Also having patience to achieve it is the key to achieve it. Many people, on their way to achieve their goals, forget about having patience. When they don't get returns immediately or face setbacks & challenges, lose track and interest of their goals which leads them stuck where they are.

Thus, life is full of moments where one needs to keep going even when there are setbacks and challenges. Try to decipher the lessons behind the hardships. When nothing goes your way, trust the Universe carving out for you the path of least resistance so that you will be able to handle the situation when you achieve your Goal. Don't believe the reflection you are seeing, stay firm in your assumptions & stay focussed. With patience you will reach your destination. But the important thing here is not whether you have achieved your Goal, the important thing is who you have become in the process to achieve it! Lastly parting with his quote, "Don't think less of yourself, just think about yourself less!"

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