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Guest Podcast Episode - How Shifting Mindset can Improve Family Relations

In this podcast episode, I invite my first International Guest Wendy Vigdor Hess from US, to talk about mindset, energy & we can improve relationship with our Family specially Parent Child Relation. Wendy is a Holistic Parent and Wellness Coach, RDN, CECP Author and Speaker & has been helping families for over 15 years to reconnect with themsleves and their children for a Healthy Family atmosphere.

Listen to the Mindsutra podcast here:

Here are her details to get in touch with her: Website:

Here is the transcript of the entire episode:

1. Brief intro of who you are and what you do.

I’m speaking with Wendy Vigdor-Hess, a mom of 2 kids, a son who is 14 and a daughter who is 12. She is an empath and intuitive and helps holistically minded sensitive parents reconnect with their vision, desires, and self-love so they can authentically lead their families with freedom and empowerment. She brings awareness and healing to the challenging dynamics present in our current parenting paradigm.

  • What inspired you to work in this area?

My passion for this stems from my own journey as an Empath, Highly Sensitive Person and Intuitive. I was one of “those kids” that felt unseen things, understood people’s emotions (even if they didn’t or didn’t share them) and I often felt like something was wrong with me since people wouldn’t talk about what I would coin as “the elephant in the room” lol ☺. As I got older if people didn’t acknowledge that, I internalized and thought something was wrong with me and did my best to fit in, be liked, OR not be seen, hide or not share what I truly felt for fear of being judged or wrong or misunderstood or alone.

My journey has let me to uncover more layers to empower and recognize my gifts and I want the many children born now who are healers to know who they are from a young age and help support their parents in that journey too ☺.

As a parent myself, the children feel the energy even more than the words we use (but both are important); the congruence is what is felt and to help to have that clarity is the special spot. We can be authentic in our inconsistencies and own growth so it isn’t about being perfect, just about the awareness that is available and that these kids point towards us. The gift of this time is extraordinary!!

If I can use my lessons, undo what my misunderstandings were and feelings of abandonment, not seen, taking on other’s things and more, it is such a pleasure to see and be witness to the growth, freedom and change that happens!!

  • Can you tell me why it is important to understand how mindset affects our energy and how it can be useful in our daily life? Where can we apply it?

This is such a good question and so pertinent for these times we are living in too! Have you ever noticed when you have a situation that repeats itself and sometimes it bothers you and sometimes it doesn’t?

We are taught to think it is the circumstance that is happening outside of us that causes us to feel a certain way yet this type of situation demonstrates that there is another way….another perspective or way of becoming aware of….

When we can better understand that we feel what we are thinking, we can feel a more empowered way of being in our lives. It’s not that we never would feel “bad” feelings or “negative”; it’s more that we can understand ourselves more and stop the “train of emotions” that subsequently follow ☺. Our energy follows these thoughts and feelings. We are made of energy and by shifting our mindset while still acknowledging what is there, we can change our lives, our relationships, how we see and are in the world.

We can apply this in any situation. For instance, let’s say you notice a behavior with your daughter that can feel frustrating for you.

  • What can be some easy actionable tips?

Sure! The first one is to see through the lens of what is the gift in a situation. For instance, as parents we only want what is best for our children AND sometimes that means we are looking at what we see as “wrong” to “fix it” or “fix them.” First step is to see these situations as what is unique and good about this rather than “to fix.” For instance, if someone has a child who is more rebellious or strong-willed and they don’t “do as asked,” when a parent starts to see them as a Leader and free thinker, the energy shifts and they feel seen and heard differently. It doesn’t mean there aren’t times where “heads butt,” however, the focus is different.

2 other additional small, yet helpful tips are:

  1. Notice how you are aware of your thoughts and feelings…for instance, are you a more visual person so when things worry you, you see images of what could happen or do you feel something in your body? Maybe you are verbal or hear things. Get curious about this and create a new image or word or phrase or melody that brings more relaxation in the moment.

  2. Create a tweak or change in the moment. For instance, sometimes when a child gets upset after consoling them, a parent may redirect their attention to something else of interest for them; they then “are off an running…. We can do that too!! Give your mind something else to do rather than perseverate on “the usual stuff.”

I offer a free Signature talk that offers 4 steps to Empowered Parenting. If any of your listeners are interested, please DM me ☺.

What is beautiful also about this work is that even if you don’t have kids but are considering that, what I share can be super helpful prior to having children as these lessons show up in our partner relationships, work colleagues and in our “stress responses, especially amidst a pandemic!!

I also would Love to offer your listeners a free discovery session call. we go through what is happening for you now and how your life would feel different if you got what you are struggling with handled, We begin creating right on the call so you can walk away with tangible ideas already that we would continue with if joining the program or that you can still utilize if you don't.

  • For anyone that may be interested in learning more about you where can my listeners find you?

Sure, my website is and i have a lot of information there and also my blog. I also have a FB page

if you or your children are struggling with sugar or dietary concerns, you can also find my book Sweetness Without Sugar, etc... on amazon. You can read more on the website.

Here are her details to get in touch with her: Website:

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