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How to Become Rich Fast- How to Attract Money by 6 Mindset Shifts using Law of Attraction

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

If you are someone who is working hard day & night & still isn't finding success when it comes to attracting wealth, this article is for you. For becoming a rich person, talent, hard-work & luck isn't enough. We need to have the right mindset which can help us sustain wealth. It's a well known fact that, majority of the people who win loads of money in a lottery, in a year's time; go back to having the same wealth they had before winning the lottery. So what is it that makes some people have Abundance of money while others deal with either lack of it or struggle to sustain the money. The following points will help you not only attract money but also sustain it:

1. What you Appreciate, Appreciates

More than half the population of the World, is living with earning only Rs. 300 a day. Thus, it becomes important for us to have Gratitude for what we already have. Law of attraction works in mysterious ways & a simple way to have more of what you already have is to be thankful for it. What you Appreciate, Appreciates. This means, if you are thankful for the money you already have, you will attract more money to be thankful for. On the other hand, if you are complaining of lack of money or expenses occurring, you will attract more lack of money & expenses to complain for. Hence, stop complaining, be thankful & you will attract more!

2. Look at Bills Differently

Start looking at your Bills as pay cheques to your employees. This will immediately shift your mind to thinking that you have lots of money to give people as their salary. This is not a make believe thing. Think about this, bills are nothing but the amount charged to you for a service rendered. So if you look at it with hate or burden, you will attract more of this burden & will struggle to pay it off. While if you look at it as a salary to be given to the person for his service, you will think about the joy, comfort this money will bring to the person & his family in exchange for his service rendered to you. You will operate from an abundance mode & this will attract more to pay off with ease.

3. Money is like a Download File

Think of money as a movie file that can be downloaded from a Website. When you have downloaded a file from the website, does that source become empty? No, right?! Infinite people can still download it infinite times. Same is with money. Money is energy. It can never be over. It can always be downloaded or attracted from the Universe as per our requirements. Always remember this line, "There is always more from where this came from". This will shift your mindset from a scarcity mentality to an abundance mentality.

4. It's all about the Intention

When you want money for all the wrong or unethical reasons or want it by wrong means, chances are even if you attract money, that money won't bring you happiness or it will be easily lost in some way. For example, you want to become rich fast in order to enjoy drinks or gambling. You may attract a lot of money but along with it, you might attract diseases which incurs a lot of expenses or you might incur losses in gambling. Another example could be, if you attract money by using wrong means like looting somebody's house. Then you may have attracted money fast but you may not be able to sustain the money for long or that money may not bring you happiness. Thus, set the right intention. Intend for money to help you as well as the World. The more the Noble intention is, the more easily the money flows to you.

5. Behave Like Ethical Rich People

The fundamental thing to remember when you are using Law of attraction is, you don't attract what you want, but you Attract Who You Are! So, in order to become rich you have to behave like Rich people who have earned honest money & use money ethically. If you see their habits & behavior, they are generous with money. They use money for good causes. They give salaries & gifts with heart & they don't complain about the lack of money. They behave with money as if it is abundantly available. But this doesn't make them reckless spenders. They spend money judiciously. Always remember becoming rich doesn't necessarily mean having more money, it also means becoming rich in thoughts.

6. Change Your Statements

If you use statements like, "Money is not important for me", "Money comes with a lot of hard-work & struggle", "People who have money are selfish & evil", "Money is the root of all evil"; then chances are you will never become rich. When your subconscious is programmed with negative beliefs about money, you will never attract it as your mind believes that if you have more money you will become a selfish & evil person, unless you work hard & struggle, you will never have money, money is not important for you hence it will never stay with you etc. Hence transform these negative beliefs into positive ones. Like, "Money is important to me", "Money comes easily to me", "Money makes people generous", "Money is the root of generosity" etc. A Life Coach can help you transform your limiting beliefs around money in a structured way. Click here to know more.

Thus, money when considered a friend, will get attracted towards you more & will bring you abundance. These little mindset shifts can transform the way you look at money which in turn can help you become rich fast. Read my article on law of attraction to know more. Comment below which tool you will use from today to transform your wealth!

Image source : Economic times

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