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How to Create a Vision Board that Really Manifests Your Dream Life!

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

The fastest way to make your dreams come true is by making them a physical entity. As long as the dreams are your thoughts, they remain virtual. But as soon as your thoughts take a physical form, the power of attracting and manifesting your desires becomes high.

As per research, people who visualise their goals on a daily basis, are more prone to actually achieving them. This coming 2021, make all of your Dreams come true by making a simple vision board.

What is a Vision Board?

Also known as a Moot Board, it is a tool to visualise your dreams clearly. Most of us don't have clarity as to what we really want! When you put your thoughts & dreams on paper, the fog of confusion starts getting clear. You start becoming tuned to what you really want. Once that is clear, a vision board is just a graphical representation of the same. It consists of pictures or images of your dreams. The images can be from newspaper or magazine cutting or printouts from Google or Pinterest. The brain has a process called "value-tagging," which imprints important things onto your subconscious and filters out unnecessary information. The brain assigns a higher "value" to images than written words on a "to-do" list, says Tara Swart, a neuroscientist. The more you look at those images, the more those images move up in importance.

How to make a Vision Board

The best part about a vision board is that you don't require any fancy items to make it. First write in your journal various headings like Personal, Relationships, professional, spiritual, home, creativity etc. Under them, clearly write what exactly you want. Then just find the images that match it! Images of your dreams can be taken from newspapers or magazines or the Internet and stick them on a Big Size paper. You can do the same digitally but I feel the physical version works the Best. As an alternative, you can clip photos of your dreams and goals on a metallic wire frame as shown below.

Be creative and think of some of your own methods. You can do it 2 ways:

  • Make a Single Big Vision Board covering all the aspects of your Life, like Professional, Personal, Relationships, Travel, Creativity, Community, Spiritual etc.

  • Make Different vision Boards for different categories. Like for professional & relationships separate etc. This works best if you have too many goals in each category.

How to use a Vision Board

For a physical Vision Board, put it at a place where you can look at it on a daily basis. Besides this, click a photo of it and put it on your phone wallpaper or lock screen background. This will help you to look at it many times in a day. This feeds your subconscious on a regular basis. The same can be done for a digital Vision Board. Always remember, that whenever you look at the vision board, thank the Universe or God for making all your Dreams come true. This means, thank the Universe as if you have already achieved your goals. Feel the feeling you will get when you achieve these goals. When you operate from this Gratitude frequency, your subconscious starts operating to match your reality with your desire. This is the principle of Law of Attraction! I have written about the Law of Attraction in detail in this article.

Do Vision Boards Really Work?

  • This is not wishful thinking. This means that, for pursuing your goals, just putting up images is not the key. You have to back it up with action steps which will take you closer to your Dreams. If you are someone who doesn't like to take responsibility of your own Life and doesn't work towards self improvement & taking action, then Vision Boards are not for you!

  • You manifest things as per how much you think you deserve it. If you want to be very rich, but when it comes to giving people or being generous, you operate like a poor person & resent giving money or things to people, you will never be rich. Even if you somehow get money, it won't stay with you for long or it won't bring you happiness & peace! In order to be Rich, you have to behave as if you are already Rich. This doesn't mean adopting vices of rich people. Only adopt the virtues of Rich people! What I mean is, you attract in your Life that what you think you deserve subconsciously. So rewire you beliefs. A Life Coach can help you do that fast. Click here to know more.

I have been making Vision Boards for quite a number of years and I am very proud to say that I have achieved 80-90% of things I visualised. Thus, do not remain a victim of your circumstances. Take responsibility and design your own Life. Comment below what is your main goal in 2021.

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