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How to Manifest Anything Using Scripting । Manifestation Journal । Law of Attraction

Coming 2021 make all your dreams come true using scripting. Scripting is a way of journaling where you write what you want to have in life in clear language so that it becomes easier for you to attract it. It uses the principle of Law of Attraction, wherein you attract not what you want but who you are and you become that by scripting. Writing our dreams and visions slows down our brain and makes our energy vibrate at a higher consciousness which will make it easier for us to attract things and manifest our dreams faster. Journaling is a simple tool to make your dream life a reality. I myself have been scripting and journaling for quite a couple of years and trust me whatever you believe in without fear and doubt, the chances of manifesting it via journalling is very high. Let's look at the points below:

1. Be Grateful

Whenever you start journaling, start with gratefulness. Gratitude is a frequency which instantly makes you vibrate at a very high level and when you start journaling with high frequency, your dreams and visions manifest at higher energy and you attract things fast. So start your journaling with the statement, "I am happy and grateful that,..."

2. Write in Present Tense

This is another important rule. Whenever you write your dreams and visions, do not write in the language that I want to have this, "I want to have a big house", "I want to have a good relationship" etc. Write as if you already have it. Right it this way, "I have a beautiful house", "I have an amazing relationship", "I have a masters degree", "I have my own business", "I have an amazing & loving family" etc. When you write as if you already have, your subconscious starts believing that and your energy then revolves around matching what you are believing and your circumstances into reality. This is another important rule of law of attraction.

3. Feel the Emotions

Whenever you start journaling, visualise how you will feel when you have achieved what you have dreamt for. Suppose you were dreaming a big house. Just visualise and write the emotions that you will feel when you have got the big house. For example your big house that you have dreamt for has a lot of natural light, a lot of air and ventilation and has positive vibration then write the feelings that you'll have when you experience that. You can write like this, "I am happy and grateful that I have a big house which has a lot of natural light & is airy, it has all the comforts and luxuries, it is warm and cosy and I feel warm and cosy in my new house, I feel light & free, I can feel the the cool breeze on my face, I am happy to live in the house, I feel safe and comforted in this house." Likewise you can do this with all the dreams and goals. Feeling the emotions can help you clearly visualise what you are looking for and it makes you vibrate at that energy level which makes manifest things faster!

4. Change the Statement

Often in scripting we use very wrong statements. Never use statements like, "I want to have this", "I am trying to have that", "I need this", etc. As I said before, you have to write in the present tense. So instead of writing "I want to have this", you write, 'I have a big car", "I am having a qualification of my liking", "I have the health that keeps me fit" etc. Also very important is to write only what you have and don't emphasize What you don't want to have for example never write like this, "I don't want to stay in that city", "I don't want to be in that job". when you focus on what you don't want to have you will have more of what you don't want to have so if you hate living in a city and keep on thinking and writing that I don't want to live in city xy the then more of that thing will happen and more you will have to stay in that city which you don't want to live into. Focus where you want to live and what you want to have.

5. Believe

Another important rule is to believe that it is possible. Many times we have fear & scarcity mentality and have doubt that Law of Attraction doesn't work and using scripting and manifesting you won't get what you want. This high amount of fear and doubt acts as a block to receiving what you deserve to receive. Thus believe with your whole heart that whatever you can think of you can achieve.

6. Timing of Journaling

For scripting and journaling to work best usually it is recommended to journal right before sleeping so that your subconscious mind is activated in order to manifest what you desire and right after waking up preferably with meditation music in the background is the right time to journal. When you start and end your day with your dreams and goals clearly defined, chances of manifesting what you want is great. Do it consistently everyday to Manifest things quickly.

7. Receive

Lastly you attract what you deserve that means you attract your goals & desire as per your deservability mentality. So suppose if you want to get rich but your behaviour is that of a poor person then even with the scripting and journaling you may not attract what you want or even if you are able to attract that you may not be able to sustain it. So look at the examples of how rich people with honest money behave with their money. They are generous & use money for good causes and they don't have the scarcity mentality. When you also behave like that you become the person that deserves that kind of money then you will attract your dreams and goals but if you keep on behaving like a poor person and you do not become the person who has that kind of wealth, then you will not attract money and even if you have attracted it, you won't be able to sustain it. Thus, in order to manifest anything you should be able to receive it well and for receiving it well well you have to become who deserves to receive it. Always remember that you attract not what you want but Who You Are.

Read my previous blog on Law of Attraction to know even more about this. I hope with these simple tools, you will manifest all of your goals and dreams with ease and grace. Journal consistently everyday & you will realise how much it has become a subconscious programming for you and how easily you start manifesting things you desire. Comment below how do you practice journaling? I

What have you manifested and what tools and techniques you use and if you haven't started it yet what first step you will take to start journaling!

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