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How to Overcome Negative Thoughts - Learn 5 Simple Tools

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Negative thoughts are mental chatter which usually are demoralizing and demotivating in nature. They can be aroused due to an outward experience or an internal thought process. Our brain has a tendency to dwell over negativity more due to a phenomena called negativity bias which means we tend to focus more on what is not working in our life than what is working even if the not so pleasant part might be just 20% of our daily Life! We can get stuck in a negative thought loop which prevents us to live a joyful life. But it can be overcomed with effort. Following tools can be used to overcome negative thoughts:

1. Watch your Thoughts

Instead of flowing with the thoughts and getting trapped in the negative thought loop, it is important to watch your thoughts as an observer. Writing about your thoughts will help you gain clarity.

Don't resist negative thoughts. Just become an observer of them. When you detach yourself from your own thoughts, it becomes easier for you to manage it. Try looking at your negative thoughts. When do they come frequently? Does something trigger them or it has become habitual for you to have them? Can you do something about the negative situation? If yes, then what would be the next step? If no, then just let the thought about it pass. Like a sheep that has gone astray from a herd, your mind also tends to go astray in a negative zone. Like a shepherd, bring it back with Love.

2. Replace the Words

Words are like seeds for our mind. The quality of seed you will sow in your mind, those kind of thoughts you will have which in turn will shape your Reality. Hence replace the negative self talk with the correct words. Instead of saying, "I always get late", " I am so fat", "I never get promotion", "I am not able to wake up early" ,"I have depressive genes", "I will never be Happy", "I am stupid", etc, replace the statements with words like these, "I used to get late but I am able to manage my time better now", "My body is in great shape", "I get promoted easily", "I have a Happy Demenour", "I am very smart" etc. Our mind believes both negative & positive. If we program it with the right words, it will believe that and your body will reflect that vibration. Our mind is like a sponge. It will absorb and soak whatever you feed it repeatedly.

3. Visualise

Visualise what you want instead of what you don't want. For example, you have been in the wrong relationships back to back. Your thought process might have become like, "I always attract wrong people in my Life". Instead of this, visualise having positive & uplifting people and relations. Make a vision board by sticking pictures of what you desire on a big board. When you make a vision board, your imagination starts taking physical shape which brings you close to your reality. Also, whenever you look at it, thank it as if you have already achieved it. Another example could be a thought like , "I am never going to lose weight". So visualise having a slim and fit body. Thank the Universe for the body you have and visualise how having a fit body feels like. Doing this daily can have lasting effects!

4. Gratitude

Gratitude is a power mantra for all the positivity. See the gift in every situation. See the blessing in every negative situation. When your mind learns to focus on what is the good in any situation, it vibrates at a high energy which makes you feel upbeat and reduces the negative thoughts!

5. Take Care of You

Be kind to yourself. Don't be a victim of discouraging negative self talk. Thoughts have power to affect your attitude and results. Listen to powerful affirmations that slowly & gradually reprogram your mind. Listen to calm & soothing music which can increase your energy & bring peace to your inner turmoil. Do self care habits that bring joy to you like going for a walk in nature, cooking your favorite meal, playing with children or pet. Try to be in the present moment. Our mind tricks us to worry about the future or regret our past. Self care can help us to stay in the present and have high energy.

If you are feeling prone towards depression, read this article on dealing with Depression. Negative thoughts cannot be removed from our mind as it is essential for our survival but the trick lies in learning to use it for our advantage when required and learning to let it pass when we don't need it. These simple tools can become our habit when practised consistently. Which of the above points you would be willing to apply? What steps have you taken to overcome a negative thought? Comment below and enlighten us!

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