20 Life Lessons I learned in my Twenties - Birthday Special

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

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As I will enter my 30s next week on my Birthday, I thought of sharing Top 20 Lessons which I learned in my Twenties. Twenties is the age where you leave your parents protection & enter the World with rose tinted glasses ready to take on Life. I have listed my learnings from the entire decade. Hopefully this will make your 20s much more enjoyable & meaningful. So here it goes:

1. Health is Wealth

This is the age when we feel energetic & nothing happens to us immediately even if we eat a lot of junk food or do not pay attention to our body. But I am seeing my older friends who are in mid 30s already having sugar, cholesterol problems. So start taking care of your Health with Healthy food and exercise as without good health, nothing you experience will stand meaningful.

2. Make Friends with Parents

Try to connect with your parents as friends. They will be your first and most well wishing friends forever. See them as Humans with flaws and try to listen to their story, struggles and Learnings from Life. Don't put them on a pedestal of perfection as everyone tries to do the best as much as they could. Include them in your every major decision.

3. Start investing Early

The power of compounding is precious. The more you start saving early, the more you will benefit from it later on. Taking small jobs like internships from an early age will not only give you a lot of exposure to what you like & dislike, but also will help you become financially independent.

4. Learn Life Skills

Life Skills like cooking, laundry, cleaning & other chores should be learnt at an early age. This will not only help you your entire Life but will also help you transition into your hostel or working life easily.

5. Take Risks Early

For most people in their twenties, the responsibility of family is less. No one is dependent on you financially & you might just have education loan for college or not even that. So this is the best time to take risks. Even if you fail in those risks, the amount of damage will be less & you will learn a lot of lessons. As you grow old, there will be family to support for, mouths to feed & you might feel hesitant to take any sort of risks.

6. Cherish Friendships

When you are in college, your friends are right beside you. You are always in touch. But as you grow older, you might meet just once a month or in my case once a year or even less. Work, marriage makes you move places & countries & the frequency of your meets reduces significantly. And friendships require time, energy & effort. So do put in all your effort because these are the most valuable relationships you will ever have & if nurtured right can last Life Time.