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4 Reasons Why Slowing Down Will Actually Make You More Peaceful

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Today is the era of Hustle culture where Dreaming More, Achieving More, Having More, Knowing more, Travelling More is considered to be the norm. And to achieve this, hustling is considered to be the only way. When you hustle to achieve your dreams, you are always on the rush. You work nonstop to earn more, to reach the top but apparently it can lead to exhaustion and getting lost from your big picture goal. What is it that you ultimately want in Life and what cost are you willing to pay to achieve it? I grew up in a metropolitan city and when I started travelling in the city for college or work, I realised everybody was always in a rush either to catch a train, bus or in general just rushing. For work, people could travel up to 3 hours to and fro combined & slog on a normal workday for 10-12 hours. What remains then in life? Just work, commute, sleep and eat if time permits in between? Do we call this success? From then the idea of living in a small town captivated me where I can slow down & savour life. Here is why, slowing down can make you more peaceful from the inside-

1. Find More Clarity

With slowing down, you are not rushing and copying others to pursue a goal which has no meaning to you. When you slow down, you focus on what you really want from the heart. You don't really feel the need to be like others. You gain Clarity as to what makes you happy, joyful & peaceful from the inside. And when you are clear on that, you have no rush to achieve it. When you slow down, you can pause and take one step at a time to achieve what you want.

2. Get Grounded

When you slow down, you dare to be different from others who are rushing for a goal. You remain grounded in your values, you don't feel the need for validation & approval from others for the path you have chosen. You feel strong from the inside and your worth doesn't come from the outside measures of success and the rate at which you can hustle.

3. Develop Focus on the Essential

When you slow down, your focus gets condensed down to what really matters to you. You understand better what is essential for you for surviving and thriving and you cut down the noise that is preventing you to do so.

4. Better Decisions

When you slow down, you get the opportunity to reflect on your emotions. Emotions are an indicator for what feels right or wrong to us in a situation. When we are hustling, we tend to act too fast on our emotions and can tend to make wrong decisions but when we slow down and reflect on our emotions we can leverage the feelings those emotions are generating into a constructive output which in turn can lead to making better decisions.

Slowing down has helped me to be peaceful from the inside. I always knew I cannot do the go-go and achieve thing for the rest of my life. Hence slowing down is essential for my mental well being. What are your thoughts on slowing down. Comment below and share your perspective.

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