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How to Overcome Fear & Anxiety of Anything.

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Having fear and anxiety is normal. It's actually an essential tool for survival. It's our body's response when it feels a physical or mental threat. The problem is when fear and anxiety overrules our mind and our state of well being, we stop living our life to the fullest. Instead our every decision is based out of fear and we live in a constant state of panic. We miss out on opportunities that would have brought us closer to our dreams & goals. Here are some tips that help me deal with fear and anxiety when it becomes too much to handle:

1. Deep Breathing

As simple as it may sound, its effects are equally profound. Whenever you struggle with any sort of fear, start practicing deep breathing and focus on your breaths. It will instantly calm you down and bring you clarity as to what step you can take next.

2. Imagine the Worst Case Scenario

Imagine what would be the worst case if you had to go through the fear. Write it down. Then think back in time where you have dealt with a similar or worst scenario. Think whether you could survive that situation? Of course you did, that's why you are alive here! If you survived that scenario then, then you could survive and thrive in this scenario as well. We often underestimate our fear tackling capabilities. During these times, it often helps to remember what mindset you had in the past and what steps did you take in order to survive in the past. If you have no such situation in mind, read about people who have come out of similar situations and are thriving in life now. Maybe your relatives, friends or famous people in history. For example, you may want to ask someone out on a date but you might be really fearful for the fear of rejection. Imagine what's the worst case scenario that could happen? It could be that the person says no. Will you survive that? Yes because till this time you have survived without the person and did pretty good in that.

3. Face the Fears

There is a famous quote, "The only way to overcome fear is going through it". Sometimes, the fear we imagine in our heads is worst than the actual situation we face. Thus, if we show courage in this situation and face our fears, it would help to overcome the fear of it faster. For example, you may have fear of public speaking for the fear of being ridiculed in public. If we actually go and perform, the fear may dissipate in the moment when we focus on our speaking . Even if we may get ridiculed, you will realise that the humiliating part was for that moment only. Rest is what story we make out of it in our heads.

4. Go Back to the Basics

Research has shown that when you eat a balanced diet, sleep well and exercise, your ability to deal with fear and anxiety increases. Your chances of going into a panic attack reduces. Hence go back to the basics and take a look at your lifestyle choices and make that healthy shift.

5. Reward Yourself

Lastly, when you have actually faced your fear while being in a constant state of anxiety, reward yourself whole heartedly with your favourite activity like binging on Netflix, going for a walk in nature, eating whole some food, making that long pending call to your friend etc. It will send reward signals to your brain making you more motivated to face any such situation next time.

Facing fear can be a huge emotional task but with help of these tips it can make that process somewhat easier. If you need more help, you can consult a life coach for better structured guidance. You can check out here to know more about this. What steps you take to deal with fear and anxiety. Comment below and share your knowledge

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