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5 ways Self Love can Change Your Life

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Self-Love is having highest regard for oneself & one’s own needs. It is like being Light which illuminates and spreads it’s radiance to others as well. There are 5 ways how Self Love can change your Life for the better & why you need to seriously start building it:

1. Health:

When your Self Love is high, you start taking care of your body really well. You are conscious of what you are eating, whether it is healthy or not, you start exercising and do yoga for maintaining your physique. You are aware how closely body & mind are related. Healthy body leads to healthy mind. For e.g., if there is lack of sun exposure & deficiency of certain vital vitamins, you start becoming negative, you procrastinate a lot, become lazy which leads to dipping of self-love. So when you are healthy, chances of having your mind healthy is high. When our mind is healthy, taking steps to increase self-love also increases. Also, you take care of your mind as well by doing meditation, reading motivational books etc. Again healthy mind leads to maintaining healthy body. It’s a complete circle.

2. Relations:

We accept the Love, we think we deserve. When our Self Love is high, we do not accept demeaning behaviour to us. We only allow those people in our lives who are uplifting & inspiring rather than energy drainers & toxic people. We allow people to treat us in a way we treat ourselves that is with Love, Compassion, Kindness & Respect.

3. Confidence:

Self-Love implies, being at peace with ourselves. It is accepting us with our flaws. We are not insecure, fearful or people pleasers. We are complete just as we are. This confidence comes from high Self Love. When we believe these positive statements about ourselves, our personality reflects that vibe. And, higher confidence means higher motivation to learn new things, do more with passion & no more having low self-worth.

4. Grit/Resilience:

High Self Love can give you lot of grit to handle adverse situations. Usually, adversity can make or break any person. But when you value your own wellbeing too much, you know how to balance yourself in any tough situation. You do know how to bounce back from a low phase. Of course, you will feel low after a failure, but that does not bring your hopes down for a new opportunity.

5. Handling Destructive Criticism:

Criticism can be of 2 types. One is constructive, which is meant to improve you, the second is destructive criticism which is meant to demean you, make you feel bad about yourself. This one is dangerous as it can lower our self-worth & we start believing it when somebody is criticising us destructively. But when we have high self-worth & love, we do not take these destructive criticisms personally. It is not about you it is about them. Usually a person with self-hatred criticises destructively. What is inside is reflected outside. So fill yourself with Love, this will radiate outside as well.

What are the steps you take to increase yourself love? Comment below & share your thoughts.

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