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6 Type of "Lacks" you Operate from - Must read for those who want to Achieve Success

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Recently I saw a video of Sidharth Rajsekar, India's leading digital coach highlighting that when you grow in terms of money, fame , power etc , who you are from the inside also grows. And if you are someone who is aiming for success in terms of money, fame, power etc, and you are operating from these lacks, then your success might be inhibited from these factors or even if you achieve success, it may not bear fruits as you desired. So following are the various "Lacks" one can operate from-

1. Lack of Self Love

When someone has not received love, affection and care in their childhood or who has been considered a loser or not good enough in their entire life, when they achieve money, fame etc., they go into a show off mode and become flashy with their accumulations trying to prove everybody how much better they are than everyone.

2. Lack of Appreciation

People operating from this mode, have a tendency to brag about themselves or go into self appreciation mode all the time. They fill their appreciation void, by boasting about themselves.

3. Lack of Security

If someone has struggled with lack of security or stability since childhood, when they achieve money, fame and power, they will become more cautious, maybe even develop a wall around themselves to protect themselves when they have these things.

4. Lack of Discipline

Those who had lack of Discipline, when they achieve success, do not have the Discipline to manage money or fame or even power. Their inability to manage it, causes them to lose again whatever they have built.

5. Lack of Education

When someone has not received education; with success, they try to show everybody that they are successful without having the education. Again, they operate from a lack of self love or appreciation also as they are trying to prove themselves better than everyone.

6. Lack of Money

When someone has experienced lack of money while growing up, they may become a hoarder when they achieve success in terms of money. They might become cautious to spend the money and may even become stingy. They might even tend to extract from people without giving them any value in return.

All of us may operate from one or more lacks mentioned here. I myself at one point have been operating from lack of self love. But the important thing is to become aware of your Lacks before trying to achieve any kind of success. When you are operating from your lacks, the fruits that your success bears maybe contaminated or associated with some kind of negative Energy. It may not give you the satisfaction that you might ultimately want from the success. So the solution is to become aware of your "lacks". And try to achieve success from your worth and not from your wounds. Most important thing he mentioned was to have the right intention before chasing any goal. When the intention is operating from your Ego, your success might be fleeting while when your intention is operating from your soul, your success might be more stable, satisfying and grounding.

To know more about the content, watch his video here

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