7 Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra ( Book Summary)

Updated: Sep 13

Recently I finished the book, 7 Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra. The book has a unique perspective on what it takes to become successful. What differentiates it from the other success books is that it adds in the spiritual angle which makes us focus on the bigger picture holistically. It talks about the following 7 laws that can help us become more successful:

1. Law of Pure Potentiality

Potentiality means the inner creative energy in us which has the potential to manifest in physical form. All of us have that energy and to be successful, one needs to connect with this Potentiality which manifests our intangible desires into material form. The following tools can help us to connect with this inner energy;

  • Meditation

When we meditate, we open the possibility of connecting to our inner stillness which helps us in increasing the channel for Potentiality to manifest.

  • Silence

Silence of not only your words, but the mental chatter that keeps happening in our head is essential to help the law of Pure Potentiality to work.

  • Non judgement

Not judging our own as well others' thoughts , desires and actions can help us to see things as is without any bias and prejudice which can fuel our connection with the potential energy of the universe

  • Communing with nature

Being in nature helps us to connect to our inner stillness and feel the nature practising the law of Pure Potentiality to the fullest. With nature's infinite manifestations, we can see how powerful the Law is!

2. Law of Giving

According to Deepak Chopra, the more you give, the more abundance you will manifest in your life. But the intention to give should not be to gain something out of that giving. Then that is not giving really. It's a transaction. Affluence comes from the word affluer meaning to flow. Thus, affluence means wherever there is flow of energy or in current context, abundance. And flow happens, when there is an outlet for the energy to go out. If everything gets accumulated in one place, it begins to rot. Hence giving helps you to maintain the flow. He says, Always Give something to whoever you meet. And it need not necessarily be any material thing. Affection, appreciation, care, are priceless and incomparable to what a material thing can do. Wish for joy, happiness & laughter for everyone. Always take something whenever you visit anyone's home.

3. The Law of Karma or Cause & Effect

Many people equate Karma with Good and bad, right and wrong. But according to the book, Karma is really about Cause & Effect. Whatever you do has a consequence attached to it.