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How to Build Self Confidence - 5 Practical & Easy Steps

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Lack of confidence prevents us from maximising our experience in every area of our Life! We never come to know what our true potential is, unless we have the confidence to try it out. Many think that confidence is an in-born ability but confidence is something that can be developed easily with Practical steps. Below are some steps that can help you build your inner confidence:

1. Build Your Competence

Confidence is directly correlated to competence. Competence is your skill level in any task. For example, if you want to build your confidence in Cricket, so first you have to build your competence i.e. skill in the game. You have to learn the techniques about the game & build your skills. The more you develop your ability, the more confident you will be when playing an actual match.

2. Break Down Your Goals

When your task seems too big to handle, break it down to smaller achievable goals & take one step at a time. When you are able to achieve small steps, it builds your confidence to achieve bigger ones as well. For eg. you want to build your confidence in public speaking so first speak in front of 2-3 people. Then gradually build your audience to 10 people then more and more. This way, by breaking down your big goals to smaller digestible ones, you will gain confidence and expertise in your ability.

3. Practice

Best way to build up confidence, is to practice consistently. No matter how many times you fail or have setbacks, practicing brings you a step closer to achieving excellence in your chosen task. The more you practice, the better you become in dealing with fear of failure.

4. Celebrate Your Small Wins

We often have a long to-do list but we never maintain a win list. Always document your accomplishments even if they look small. The more you celebrate your smaller wins, the higher your confidence will become. We often wait to celebrate till we achieve a big milestone but the actual fun lies in the smaller victories. So ensure, you treat yourself with a reward for every victory small or big! Remember the fun lies in the process!

5. Accept Compliments & Work on Feedback

Another way to build confidence is to ask for feedback. If there is scope of improvement in your work, then take it positively and work on improvement areas. If you get praise for your skill, then accept it gracefully. Say thank you. Many of us including me, out of humility, do not accept compliments and shrug it off as saying it's no big deal. But the more we accept praises, the better our confidence will become, our self worth will also improve. Hence, accepting praises is a sign of confidence!

These are some practical & easy tools to build your confidence. Confidence can be a game changer in your life and can enhance the quality of every area of your life. A confident approach makes you win half the battle already! What are your tools to enhance confidence. Comment down below & share your knowledge.

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