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What to do when you Feel Stuck and Lost in Life

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

We all go through phases where nothing in Life seems to happen the way you wanted it to. There seems nothing to be in your control and there seems no way out. In these challenging times, it becomes essential to have faith and hope that things will change for the better. There are a few tools that can help you stay motivated when everything in your life sucks. Following tools help me stay hopeful & hopefully will be useful for you also:

1. Accept you are stuck

We all have inner resistance that keeps us in denial of the situation we are in. We do not like to accept the sad state of situation and try to put a normal facade showing everybody that everything is ok. But when we are in denial, we do not accept the situation for what it is. This not only makes us guilty of the imposter syndrome but also prevents us from taking steps to come out of the situation. Unless you accept that there is something wrong in the situation, you would never take any steps to change it. So, accept to yourself that your situation sucks and decide whether you want to remain this way or want to change it. If the answer is the latter, read on further.

2. Write about it this way

Journaling is the best way to connect to your subconscious mind. It reveals to us what we truly desire. Answer the following statements 5 times whenever you need motivation.

  1. Things you are grateful for

  2. Things or experiences that bring a feeling of fun and joy

  3. Things you are passionate about

Answer these 5 times daily and without thinking. Just answer them in a free flowing manner. Whatever comes to your mind, keep writing. Gradually, not only this will help you stay motivated during stuck times but also will bring about actual changes in your life. When you vibrate at a higher frequency, surrounding things automatically start to change. And staying connected to your passion, joy and gratitude makes you vibrate at a higher frequency. It may take time, but change will happen.

3. Do things that give you Joy

When through journaling, you understand what gives you Joy, then is the time to actually do things that give you Joy. It could be playing with your kid, pet, cooking, reading, researching, creativity, travelling, watching movies, series, documentaries, having deep conversations with your besties, spending time with family, working out, walking in nature etc. Practice more of what brings you Joy and you will feel inner peace. You may not have the luxury of time to do all the things that bring you Joy or do it the entire day but do take out at least half an hour to an hour for these daily. Because these are the actual experiences that make your life rich!

4. Visualise the Life you Desire

Most of us don't know what we want in our Life. Having a vision is crucial. It gives us a sense of direction to where we are going. It is like the guiding North Star in the chaotic sea of Life. You can visualise 3 ways:

1. Imagine you are 100

Imagine it is your last day on planet earth. When you look back at your life, how would you have wanted to spend it? Write it down. This is your ultimate big picture.

2. Your 5/10 year Vision

Keeping in mind your 100th year Vision, how do you visualise yourself in 5 years and 10 years time from now. How have you become as a person? What goals have you accomplished?

3. Your Daily Vision

Imagine what your everyday looks and feels like. Keeping in mind the ultimate big picture and your 5/10 year Vision, what steps you need to take daily to achieve your goals and become the person you want to be. From morning till night, how do you want to spend your entire day. Write down the exact activities you want to do and most importantly, how do you feel in those moments.

When feeling stuck in Life, keep the big picture in mind, & accomplish the daily vision as much as possible in your capacity.

5. Read Inspiring stories of people

Lastly, read or listen to inspiring stories of people who came out of the stuck zone and are living a happy & fulfilled life. Many times in the stuck mode we tend to feel that we are the only ones suffering and we are doomed to be this way! But when we listen to stories of others who made it through, it makes us realise that we are not alone, we all are connected in some ways through our similar experiences and if some can make out of this phase, so can we. It will inspire us to be hopeful and take action.

Being stuck and feeling lost can be a weird yet beautiful experience. When we don't know how life is gonna unfold ahead, it makes the entire experience magical as we get this opportunity to dive inside our thought processes, be in tune with our feelings, emotions & intuition and surrender to the magic wand of the universe. Let it play it's own course and reveal the lessons we ought to learn from the experience. You will realize, you have become a stronger, mature, resilient and wise person who is open for more experiences that life has to offer you. What are your thoughts on this, comment below and enlighten us!

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