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Ego Vs. Soul. How to make the Right Decisions?

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

We all have situations where we cannot make the right decisions. We get stuck contemplating the choices we have and it can make us handicapped, preventing our growth towards our dreams and goals. We can get into overanalyzing situations which can lead to just giving up making decisions all together and hoping someone else to do it for you. I myself have a hard time figuring out which route to take and have been introspecting and learning about this dilemma from a long time. Here is where deciding from Soul vs the Ego can help you steer towards a decision that's right for your soul.

Ego Vs. Soul

So what is Ego based and soul based decision? Ego is the mask we show to the world. The labels we assign to ourselves. We all have an internal mental chatter that keeps talking to us. This mental chatter is mostly negative, fearful & self depreciating. This is our Ego. Ego's job is to keep us mentally and physically safe. It ensures the survival of our physical body & mental identity. While, there is another inner voice, also knows an inner knowing or intuition which is your Soul prodding you to go in the direction which is best for your growth. The important thing to note here is, that, the Soul based decision doesn't result in a good or bad outcome, it leads to the result which is best for it's growth. While Ego based decision, although can momentarily make you feel good or bad, in the long term, it doesn't lead to any growth or expansion of your consciousness.

The following points can help you understand the difference between Ego and Soul based decisions making process:

1. Impulsive vs Patient

Ego is impulsive, meaning, it will prod you to take action immediately. While the soul is patient. If you cannot wait 24 hours for an action, chances are it might be an ego based action. Soul on the other hand knows no rush. It trusts the Divine timing.

2. Compulsive vs. Deliberate

Ego is compulsive. Whenever it achieves whatever it has been seeking, it is never satisfied. It wants to have more. Nothing is enough. While Soul is deliberate and intentional of what it wants and is satisfied if the action results in the growth it has been seeking.

3. Angry vs. Quiet

When ego doesn't get what it wants, it throws tantrums , resorts to antics and manipulative behavior which will lead to fulfillment of it's demands. Soul, on the other hand, is quiet & resilient. It will seek to fulfill it's longing through creative ways instead of resorting to tantrums.

4. Fear and Scarcity vs. Confidence and Abundance

Ego is fear, scarcity & lack driven while soul is confident. Your inner knowing speaks to you not from the place of lack but from the place of Abundance.

5. Symbols vs. Process

Ego is all about Status symbols, relationship symbols, money, material possessions while the soul loves the journey and the process. It does not fixate on the outcome but enjoys the process of achieving it.

6. Judging vs. Loving

Ego is judgemental and hate driven while the Soul is loving & all accepting. Ego loves from the point of view of "What's in it for me?" While Soul loves for no logic or reason & tries to do as much best for the other as in it's capacity.

These pointers, touch upon the differences of how ego approaches a situation and how the soul differs from it. Having said that, it is imperative that ego is not all bad. It has its importance in keeping you physically safe and ensuring survival. So when those scenarios exist, it is best to leave on the ego to take care of things. For the rest, try to tune into your soul for better fulfilling decisions.

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