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How to Raise Your Vibrations + Frequency - 12 Practical & Easy Steps

Updated: May 14, 2021

Feeling low, demotivated, burnt out, all are the state of being in low vibration. The scale in the figure is called the Abraham Hicks which shows our state of vibration. The lower you are, the lower you will feel. The good thing is that you can come out of the low state and be above in the scale. Here are few simple & practical steps to do so:

1. Let Go of Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are like heavy weights that weigh you down & prevent you from moving forward. It is your mental programming about various aspects of your life. If you have a limiting belief that "I'm not good enough", you will continue to be in the lower vibration state. In order to let go of Limiting Beliefs, a coach can be helpful to you. For starters, affirmations can really help you to overcome limiting beliefs.

2. Eat High Vibe Food

Living foods which are plant based can really put you in high vibe mode. Processed, packaged and junk food can put you in a low vibe. What we put inside our body plays an important role in our vibrational state. Next time feeling low, make yourself a healthy, soulful & nourishing meal. Drink water more often.

3. Gratitude

Gratitude is the Frequency which will instantly raise your vibration. Most of the time we focus on what's not working in our lives. When we focus on the wrong, we operate from a lower vibration mode. But when we start appreciating whatever we have in our lives, our energy operates at a higher level. Thus, write a list of things you are grateful for in your life. You will realise that your mood will shift instantly. If possible, make it a daily habit. "Every Blessing Ignored becomes a Curse"- The Alchemist.

4. Meditate

Meditation is a way to observe our thoughts & connect to our inner selves. When we learn to see our thoughts as an observer, we learn to detach ourselves from situations which are weighing us down & putting us in lower vibration mode. Initially it may be difficult, but with practice, you will find it becoming your go to thing to lift yourself up.

5. Move Your Body

Moving your body either through workout, yoga, walking or dancing can instantly shift your energy. Whatever is your fun way of moving your body, go do it! Not only it will make you physically fit but also release happy hormones which can uplift your mood & vibration!

6. Be in Nature

Sit in a park, play in the water , be in the sea, or go for a trek. When you are with nature, you realise the insignificance of your problems and learn to accept things as is. You do not act out of ego & resist things but surrender like nature & allow life to be!

7 . Take a Shower

This may sound silly, but taking a shower can wash away your low vibes and shift your mind from ruminating thoughts.

8. Practice Kindness

We may become bitter with our negative experiences in the World, but with kindness, we can bring in a little love & light in the World. Next time you get the opportunity to be kind or be bitter with anyone, choose the former and notice that not only you make others' life a little brighter but raise your vibes too as a result of which. With kindness, you start focusing on things which are in your control, that is being kind to others rather than being a victim of your circumstances.

9. Journaling

Writing or Journaling helps you to introspect about your thoughts & feelings. When you write as an observer of your thought, you detach yourself from the situations which instantly raises your frequency. You are no longer in victim mode but an observer trying to understand Life!

10. Company

The people you are surrounded by, play a huge impact in your vibrational state. There is a famous quote, "You are the average of the 5 people you are surrounded with". Thus, it's better to have a high vibe company! If you are with negative, critical, complaining, victim card playing people; that's what you will become! You will also start vibrating at their level! It will require a tremendous amount of inner work in order to remain aloof from their negativity and protect your energy. Thus, the smart choice is to pick your company wisely. This also applies to listening to or reading about inspiring people!

11. Follow Passion

When you follow your passion, it will make you go in a flow state where you won't realise time passing by. This state is a very high vibe state & you will realize you become more magnetic at this state. You attract like minded people in your life and the energy drainers automatically leave from your life. Try to search your passion. This article may help you do that. It may be that you might be passionate for multiple things, so figure out a way to divide time for all of them. The more you follow your bliss, the more high vibe you become.

12. Music

Lastly, who can ignore the wonders of Music! Music is an Universal language. An upbeat, cheerful music can lift your mood, a peaceful & calm music can relax you etc. So choose your genre and set the playlist and jazz up your vibe.

These tools are practical & easy to apply to. Whenever you feel low and down, these can help you lift yourself and raise you up the vibration scale. All of us including me have phases of high & low energy vibes. If we remain stuck in low vibes, we remain a victim. But when we strive to raise our consciousness, we become Creators of our Lives. So choose to be a Creator than being stuck in a victim mode.

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