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5 Harsh Truths Wish You Knew Earlier

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Harsh truths that improves your life

There are some truths that the earlier someone aquaints you with, the easier it becomes to face Life when these things actually happen to you. These realisations happen to some early, for some, late and with this post, hopefully you will also benefit from the realisations and do not see the World with rose tinted glasses:

1. Everything Changes

Change is the Only Constant. As much as this sounds cliche but the reality is that nothing remains the same as before. Even who you were some years ago is different than who you are now. People change, who you may used to hate, might change as a person or you may start getting less affected by them, maybe you were fond of someone deeply, but now you don't feel anything for the person, situations change, circumstances change and nature is the best example how change is essential for the Growth and Survival of Life! So if you feel stuck in a situation, remember that this will too change like everything. And if everything is going great in your life, the awareness that this too will change, will help you to remain grounded and cherish what you have now.

Life is More or Less Same Everywhere

Whether you are extremely rich or poor, located in your local region or settled far abroad, life is more or less the same. You have the same routine, freshen up, cook/eat meals, do the laundry, cook/eat, leisure, sleep etc. The degree of luxury and comforts might vary slightly or it could be an exceptional case of vvip people or people living in extreme circumstances, but other than that, Life is More or Less Same Everywhere irrespective of location or what you do. The sooner you realise this the faster you will stop running for things which you really do not want.

People perceive you from their lens

No matter what you do or do not do for a person, ultimately he or she will judge you from their lens. This doesn't mean to become self absorbed in self pity but realise that your job is only to give your best. The outcome of how the other person will take it is totally out of our control. They have their own experiences of life that come in the way of seeing you for who you really are and this doesn't make them or you bad people but just two people who are not resonating at the same wavelength. It could be your partner, parents, child, friends, boss, colleagues etc. So take this with a pinch of salt.

No one likes a Perfect Person

This was a tough one for me to realise. It is similar to the saying, "You are alone at the Top", meaning first people will judge you for all the flaws you have. Then you try to overcome them, find your talents, polish them and become close to perfection. You appear to have perfect looks, perfect job, perfect family etc. (you can only appear to be perfect, no one can become really perfect!) And as soon as you start becoming this perfect version of yourself, people start distancing themselves from you because (not all, those who are vibrating at your level will get attracted towards you) they start feeling insecure and inferior in front of you and now they start hating you. Mind it, earlier, with your flaws they definitely judged you but liked you nonetheless because they felt superior in front of you but now the scenario is reversed. Hence, do not chase perfection. Chase excellence in everything and not from the perspective that people will like you if you Excel in everything, but from the perspective of enjoying what you are doing. Giving your best in whatever you take. And most importantly celebrate imperfections. We all are flawed people trying to figure out life.

The Most important Love is Self Love

We all, especially women, have grown up listening to fairy tales of the knight in shining armour coming to save you from all your miseries and make you feel special and worthy of Love. But the harsh truth is, this is not happening. A person will look at you the way you see yourself. If you feel not worthy of a good life and good person, that sort of way people will treat you. If you feel you are worthy and lovable, you will vibrate at the energy that will attract those kinds of people around you. So you have to save yourself from falling into low self love mode and become aware that your worth is not defined by how beautiful, talented or charismatic you are but you are worthy just because you exist! You don't have to justify your worthiness. If you want to enhance your self worth, join my self worth program here.

The point of sharing all these is not to demotivate you. This awareness will liberate you from waiting to be rescued by someone or reach a certain position in life in order to become happy. With this knowledge in hand, you will be able to face the world realistically. What are your realisations in life? Comment below and share your knowledge.

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