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How to Stop Comparing Yourself from Others - 5 Practical Tips

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

We all have the habit of comparing ourselves with others. This habit can put us in a low vibe state. When we fail to get out of this, not only we feel bad about our lives but also we can get into an envious frame of mind which can ruin our relationship with others and we can end up feeling unworthy. The following practical tools can help you deal with this habit:

1. Be Grateful

Whenever you start comparing yourself with others, think about things that are going right in your life. What are the things that you are grateful for? Write down or think about all that you are thankful for like having food to eat, place to sleep, a house, loving family , a job etc. This will reduce the feeling of not being good enough that arises when you compare yourself with others.

2. Social Media Detox

One of the primary reasons that comparison is at an all time high is because of social media. We never really NOT know what's happening in everyone's life and this constant info bombardement leads us to the comparison trap. What we don't understand is that no matter how much we achieve in Life, we will always have people who are ahead of us either professionally, relationship wise, travel, leisure etc. Hence limit the social media usage to bare essential and use the freed up time for your own Development.

3. Turn Comparison into Inspiration

Everyone is on their own unique journey. When we start comparing ourselves with others, we forget that they have put thousands of hours of effort for what they have achieved today. We notice the tip of the iceberg but forget to notice the submerged ice within the water which is their years of hardwork and labour they have put into it. Many argue with situations where one has inherited a lot of money or are gifted with talents. But as per my opinion their work goes back to previous births whose benefits they are repeaing in this birth. And inheriting wealth or being born with talents doesn't define anything. Whether you have the skills and abilities to enhance it and use it productively is of more importance. Hence use their success as your inspiration without overlooking their years of labour that went into it.

4. You are the Right Place

Come to peace with the fact that you are exactly where you are supposed to be as per your mental & spiritual evolvement. Comparing yourself to others dishonours your journey. Trust in yourself. Believe that you are on the right course and the Universe has your back. You will achieve whatever you desire as and when you become the person that deserves all you desire. Define your own version of success. Do not blindly accept others' definition of success. Be true to what you really want and work towards it.

5. Focus on Your Own Grass

Instead of focussing on others' grass, you should start watering your own grass. Invest your time in developing & improving yourself. This will not only prevent you from going into a low mood when you see others' success but also grow you as a person who becomes immune to comparison and rather uses others' success as an inspiration for their own growth.

Can you compare two flowers? Be it Rose or Lily, both are unique and beautiful in their own way. Some may prefer Rose and others Lily but both are equally worthy. If Rose feels unworthy because of Lily, it's because of Rose's ignorance about its own strengths.

Henceforth , whenever you slip into a comparison mode, always remember you are worthy and unique. Try to see what is it, that you can learn from others' success? Use it as an inspiration to fuel yourself on your own unique journey towards your Dreams and Goals. Which tools you use for preventing the comparison trap? Comment below and share your knowledge!

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