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How to Remain Calm Amidst Outer Chaos - 6 Powerful Tools

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

We all face situations where nothing seems to go as we envision. Surroundings around us seem chaotic and out of our control. Times like these disturb our inner balance and can make us feel overwhelmed and lost. It becomes important during these times to remain centred and find our inner calm back. Following tools help me to regain my inner balance and I hope these will help you too:

1. Power of Vision

When nothing seems to go as per our wish, dive into the power of visualisation. Before going to bed at night, imagine clearly what you want. How would you feel when you have that, feel those emotions. If possible, write about it. After waking up in the morning, repeat this exercise. Studies show that when you visualise and feel what you want, the chances of having those are multiplied. You can also create a vision board. Read about it here. This simple exercise will give you strength & hope that things will turn out for the better.

2. Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

The best way to achieve your above vision faster and calm your anxious mind is the use of affirmations. Affirmations are words of power that when repeatedly fed in your mind, can reprogram your subconscious. I am a big fan of Louise Hay's Power thoughts. You can find her affirmations in Google. The best part of speaking or listening to affirmations is that you can do it anywhere and anytime. You can also play it in the background while you are sleeping and your Subconscious will keep absorbing it. Do it for 21 days and slowly your mind will feel more powerful. The affirmations can be about self love or being calm and having faith etc.

3. Follow Your Passion

One way to instantly raise your vibration is by following your passion. In situations where nothing seems to go right, you can find your North Star by doing things that bring you Joy. It could be just for 15 min, but do take out time for those things. It could be as simple as doing gardening, cooking your favorite meal, playing with kids, reading a blog post, watching a funny video, working towards your dream business etc.

4. This Shall Too Pass

Always remember that no situation is permanent. Mother nature teaches us that. Whenever you feel overwhelmed and lost, look at this quote often. It will give you strength that things will change for the better. That there is light after darkness and there is a way at the end of the tunnel. Read or listen to inspirational stories of people who made it after experiencing difficult situations. Try to decipher what the current situation is trying to teach you. For example, when I was in junior college, I used to cycle my way to college and there was a steep slope upon which I had to climb up with the cycle. It was a difficult ride and I used to curse my ride Everytime I used to take that route. But within a year, I realised I became so much fitter and had lost excess weight that I had put on during my 10th board exams. Thus, no situation remains the same and the difficulties can turn out to be blessing in disguise.

5. It's Not about You

We all have tendency to take negativity of others personally. We feel that we triggered something in them & thats why they behaved badly with us. But except for a few scenarios, people behave out of their own filters. Their behavior tells more about their own fears & insecurities than about you. If their bad behavior is a one off case, then it is fair to introspect whether you may have done somehing not aligned to them but if you feel there is a repetitive pattern in their behavior, then it should not be taken personally. Always remember in these scenarios, you are not responsible for their moods. Everyone themselves are responsible for their own moods and behaviour.

6. Focus on What You Can Do

A key difference in Victim mindset and a Creator Mindset is taking responsibility of their own lives. If you will stay in the victim mode, you will feel miserable and won't be able to get out of your situation. But when you become the creator of your life, you take responsibility of your situation and take action which can change your circumstances. So amidst all the chaos, focus on things that you can control like your thoughts, actions & behavior. Learn to set boundaries to people and situations so that these don't walk over you all the time & drain your energy. Focus on taking action steps towards your dreams and Goals. Do things that spark joy in your Life. Follow your passion. Spend time with people who you love and who love you back. When you take responsibility of your own life, your self worth will also be high and you will no longer depend on outer circumstances to make you happy. This will help you remain centred amidst outer chaos and gradually external situations start affecting you less.

Life is never all roses. There are phases when we have to deal with thorns for a long time. The challenge here is to learn what those thorns are trying to teach you. Maybe they are there to make you stronger and wiser. In such situations, following the above points will help sail through calmly and may even connect to your inner self. What are your ways to remain calm? Comment below and share your thoughts.

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