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What to do when certain situations keep repeating in Your Life

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Recently, some patterns in my life have been repeating. It was literally a haunting experience for me to experience the same things with similar kind of people over again. It got me thinking, why do certain things or situations keep repeating, what do we need to learn from it and how can we break the cycle? In such situations, one may feel like a victim and may feel disempowered to take back reins of his/her life. Getting out of the victim mindset could be a challenge in such scenarios. Here is a blog post by Rose Chua, Outreach Specialist from that will help you to cope from victim mentality in a healthy way. Read the article here. Let's explore some of the questions regarding repetitive patterns here:

1. Repetition

As per my study of this phenomena, certain situations keep repeating in your life because you are at an energy level that attracts those kind of scenarios. For example, if you tend to get attracted to or attract a particular type of personality, then you are at an energy level that attracts or gets attracted to such people. If there are certain types of disputes that occur in your life over and over again no matter who the person is, then energetically you radiate such energy. It doesn't mean you are bad or doing anything wrong, we are just talking about the frequency you are eminiating. Like, a radio station catches that frequency to which you tune into, you also tend to catch those scenarios or people with whom you get automatically tuned into. If the experience is good then you need not bother, but when the experience starts becoming troubling, then we need to step back and introspect our thought patterns that may be subconsciously creating such scenarios.

2. What can we learn from it

When the patterns keep repeating in your life till the point you start noticing it and start finding it troubling, we need to introspect what are these patterns trying to teach you? What is the hidden lesson behind these experiences? For example you tend to get into similar kind of arguments either at office or in family or among your friend circle. So you need to introspect and understand what kind of arguments you get into? Are they more or less similar? What is the root source of arguments. You will realise that at the base of these arguments is a common belief system that is driving your behaviour. Try to get to the root of that belief. Notice who you were as a person when the pattern 1st time occurred and how much you have grown now as a person when the pattern is repeating. What skills have you developed in order to deal with the situation and what good has come out of the situation & what lesson have you learnt? Another example could be that you tend to be in relationships that are disrespectful towards you and you tend to get taken advantage of in these relationships. Maybe over and over again you attract same kind of people, so the underlying lesson for you could be to enhance your self love and not to tolerate such behaviour or relationships. (Enroll in my self worth booster course which will help you to do that)

3. Reprogram your beliefs

When you have identified the underlying belief system that is driving your behaviour, reprogram it by working on your belief system either by taking the help of a mindset coach (learn more about it here) or using affirmations, healing your inner wounds, working on your self love ( enroll in my self worth course here) etc. When you do your inner work, heal your wounds and reprogram your subconscious beliefs, gradually either the disturbing repetitive patterns will go away or you will become immune to them and stop getting affected by them.

With these tools, you may be able to break the pattern and be incharge of your thoughts and patterns rather than being on autopilot mode and be driven by these patterns. What are your thoughts regarding these? Comment below and share your knowledge!

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