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How to Overcome Feeling Broken & Rediscover Your Self Worth

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Many times we face situations in our life that ends up making us feeling completely broken from the inside. It maybe due to a job loss, financial loss, death of a loved one, break up from a relationship, betrayal from someone who we trusted, an illness etc. The reason could be any but the feeling it can stir inside is that of hopelessness, sadness, lack of motivation and it can also lead to depression in some cases. In this article we will discuss steps that can make you a little whole from the inside:

1. Letting it all out

Research has it that when we let out all our frustrations anger and despair by talking to someone or writing in a diary, our healing process begins from that moment on. When we keep things to ourselves and not share your problems and worries with anyone it makes us vulnerable to chronic sadness which can further lead to depression. The feeling of being broken never really goes away when we keep things to ourselves and lightening ourselves by sharing it with someone you can trust or a therapist or a life coach or maybe in your journal it can help you start letting go of the situation that broke you.

2. Practicing Acceptance

When we are dealing with the situation that makes us feel broken from the inside it usually has to do with something not meeting our expectations. We all have worldviews and we have Expectations that a + b will lead to C but when we face the reality which didn't turn out it as we had imagined and specially in case of betrayal, death of a loved one major illnesses, job loss financial loss these major situations can really shift our perspective from the world. It can make us bitter from the inside but when we start practicing acceptance that the world is like this only, then your healing process starts to begin. We soon realise that things that are happening in your life which are unfavourable are not happening "to you", but they are happening 'for you" , it is happening for your growth and when you accept that, slowly that feeling of brokenness starts dissipating away.

3. Meditation/Affirmations

Listening to Powerful meditations and affirmations can begin your healing process when our thoughts take over our well being and we are no longer able to think positively for the situation it becomes very important to centre ourselves back towards our soul and this can happen when you learn to calm down your mental chatter but meditation is not necessarily stopping your thoughts. It's just observing your thoughts and when you take Deep breaths, you start to be in the mode that starts observing your thoughts instead of identifying with it. Meditation is a powerful way to observe your thoughts and when you start observing your thoughts you become detached with it and you can introspect and reflect why certain things happen the way it did and what lesson you have learnt out of it, what growth it has pushed you to incorporate in yourself. For people who are not very keen on meditation you can try affirmations listening to Powerful thoughts which are filled with positivity and fullness can gradually reprogram your subconscious mind into believing that life is not as bad as you are making it to be.

4. Reflection

Try to understand the situation objectively what happened and why did it happen. Suppose you experienced a very bitter breakup and you are feeling betrayed and your trust has been lost forever. It has now become impossible for you to trust anyone and you feel very broken from inside. Then reflect on the situation why did it happen? Maybe the person grew out of you, maybe you two were not compatible. In either case, wouldn't it be better that you two walk on your separate paths and both of you deserve someone who you are more compatible with and into each other. What hurts us is that we cannot accept the fact that the person no longer is same with you the way they were before but this is life! Change is the only constant. Nobody is here in a life for a permanent basis and the sooner we accepted it, the faster we will be able to release the person and the situation. Secondly you need to reflect as to what sort of limiting beliefs you have that has created such kind of a situation. It need not be always negative belief that makes a person leave you or someone betrayed your trust. Maybe spiritually you are growing as a person and you are vibrating at a higher frequency that's why people who do not match frequency automatically leave your life in the mask of these kind of incidents. So instead of taking the situation personally one needs to reflect and observe what is the situation trying to tell me how can I grow from the situation and what next step I can take in order to move forward in my life.

5. Rebuilding Your Self Worth

Situations which make you feel broken from the inside can definitely take a very big toll on you. You can feel very bad about yourself. Your self love can be at an all time low but this is the time to show yourself the love that you deserve. Always believe that you are lovable not because you are talented or beautiful or rich or for kind or anything but because you exist on the planet that itself is the reason that you are lovable and you deserve all the happiness that you want. So you start taking steps to build your self worth and self love. Read my previous articles on self love here which can help you to boost your confidence and self esteem and self love.

Feeling broken is not an easy state to be in but when you look back on this situation after a couple of years you will realise that the incident happened for your own good and how much you have grown as a person because of the incident you just need to see the situation from a detached point of you and turn out the lessons that it has taught you and if you let it fuel your growth this way the situation won't control you but you will be the master of that situation using it for your own enlightenment. Be patient and kind to yourself and remember that this is just a phase that will also pass away and good times will come back again.

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