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5 Ways to help you go through tough times

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Difficult times

We all go through periods that are tough and it seems there is no light at the end of the tunnel. In these scenarios, applying some techniques can help you go through these situations with ease and grace. These tools are specifically useful when you are surrounded in a negative environment or are not able to forgive and forget any negative situation that has happened in your Life. But mind it, you won't start feeling better overnight, when you start practicing these regularly, you will gradually feel the change

1. Write a letter to person troubling you

So if there is a particular person you cannot forgive for doing any wrong to you, and you do not want to confront the person, then you can write a letter to the person sharing how you felt after the incident. But do not send the letter. (You can if you want to) The goal here is to release all the anger and resentment towards the person because the resentment towards the person is not doing anything to them but to you. It is harming you from the inside. This exercise will make you feel lighter. If something is bothering you out of your own actions, then do the same exercise with yourself. Write a letter to yourself.

2. Feel it in the body

Whenever a past incident is troubling you, feel the anger, hatred, sadness etc. in your body. Try to feel, where in the body do you feel these emotions. Is it in your stomach area, neck or shoulder? Try to zero down on an area. Then feel the emotions in that area. Rub your hands warm and place the warmth of your hands on that part and imagine the pain dissolving in that area. It's ok if you are not able to zero down on an area. Then try to feel the emotions in your entire body.

3. Imagine a safe space

Always imagine a safe place where you feel a sense of safety and security and try to be mentally present there. Know that this shall pass and no matter how badly anyone is treating you, remember that this safe space is always there and the Universe is protecting you from any sort of Harm.

4. Gratitude list

Making gratitude lists should be a weekly if not daily practice. Making gratitude lists puts you in a high vibe state which also helps you shift your focus from what is wrong in your life to what is going great in your life. This particular exercise has helped me be at peace with my life.

5. Chair exercise

Lastly, if you are still not over the person who has wronged you, try doing the chair exercise. In this You are role playing with that imaginary person using a chair. You have a dialogue with them and tell them whatever you want to tell them. Then, you play their role by sitting on that empty chair and answer the way they would. This would help you release the anger towards them. If the person is you, then do the role playing with yourself imagining your previous version, who did that wrong action.

These actions can help you bear a difficult incident or a situation and help you release all the pent up emotions which otherwise you are not able to release. Hope this post helps you to do that. What are your ways to deal with difficult incidents? Comment below and share your knowledge.

Part of this post was inspired from Sonya Mulkeet's Vlogs

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