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How to Be Kind to Yourself in a World that Never Stops Judging

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Be kind to yourself

There can be days where everything goes hunky Dory but there are days when we judge ourselves very harshly. We are our own worst critics and this ends up making us feel extremely low. During these times, it is important to shower yourself with kindness and love. But it's easier said than done. When the outside world cannot stop judging you for your actions, it becomes difficult to see yourself with a kind eye. The following tips can help you sail though these moments:

1. Set Realistic Expectations

Often times, we set such high standards for ourselves, that we ourselves are bogged down by the heavy weight of our expectations. Definitely we should dream but our dreams should be believable and achievable. If the dreams are unrealistic, then our judgment parameters are also unrealistic and we unnecessarily pressure ourselves. The first step towards being kind to yourself is to set realistic and achievable goals and take one step at a time. Also keep the count of your goals to a limit of 3 or 5 and not more than that since too big of a list tends to overwhelm your mind. Hence keep it short and achievable.

2. Develop Self Care Routine

During low times, how would you like to be pampered? How do you want someone to care for yourself? Do that to yourself. If you would like to hear words of motivation, then say that to yourself. If you like to eat nourishing food, then eat that, if you like to be in nature, then take a walk outside. Do everything and anything that makes you feel great about yourself and helps you relax and savor life.

3. Celebrate small wins

Often we are so harsh on ourselves and so much focussed on reaching the destination that we forget to enjoy the road and celebrate the small wins we have achieved along the way. Instead of saying to ourselves, "how much still needs to be done", one should say, "Look how far I have come". Celebrate small wins by treating yourself with your favorite meal or spending time with your loved ones or going to the new restaurant that you were looking forward to.

4. Forgive & Accept Yourself

It's the truth that no matter how much we try to be perfect in everything, there will be someone who will never be happy with you. It has less to do with you but more with their own opinions and preferences. So stop trying to please everyone and accept yourself with your imperfections. Forgive yourself for mistakes as it's only human to make mistakes. Read my article here on how to forgive yourself.

5. Enhance your self worth

Our to be an overachiever and being hard on ourselves comes from feeling inadequate about ourselves. We don't need to achieve great things in order to feel worthy. We are worthy, irrespective of whether we achieve great things in life. Perfectionism is an illusion. Perfectionism in fact is a shield to protect ourselves from criticism. This works on your self worth and self love. I have a short course on boosting self worth for confidence and success. Check it out here. It may be super helpful for you.

The first person you need to be kind towards is yourself and when you are full of kindness, you share that kindness with others which in turn makes the World a beautiful, kind place. What steps do you take to be kind towards yourself? Comment down below

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